There's nothing more frustrating than working hard... in the wrong direction 


To avoid this problem, start every new initiative or project with a repeatable discovery process. For work that is already underway, pause and make sure everyone is clear on the why, who and outcomes. If they are not, take some time to complete discovery before continuing.

In this guide, we provide you with an approach for facilitating a collaborative discovery meeting and a tool to use during the meeting to get clear on the why before doing the work to deliver the solution.

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How to use discovery to focus your Agile teams on solving the right problems

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You will learn a simple, yet highly effective approach that you can use right away to get started with Outcome-Driven Planning, applying practical and powerful activities from Lean, Agile, and Design thinking to define: 

  • Why: Understand the context and why this problem is important now
  • Who: Identify the primary customers and stakeholders 
  • Outcomes: Define the end result and how you will measure success
  • Challenges: Identify issues the team will need to be aware of as
  • they solve the problem


We are here to support you in achieving measurable outcomes!

“Brought a fresh perspective to our operation. Jumped into our Agile environment quickly and immediately developed a strong rapport and took the initiative in many ways to improve our processes.”

– Release Manager at Cox Automotive

“Excelled at keeping senior management and other business partners involved and engaged in our Agile rituals, which greatly strengthened the culture we worked in and increased the quality of our releases.” 

– Project Manager

“Expert at bringing people to the table to understand issues and problems and creatively identifying solutions that provide practical solutions and immediate value… (this) made all the difference in our organization.”

– Deputy Director, State Agency