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If you find yourself thinking there must be a better way, we’re here to tell you there absolutely is.

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Clarity, Alignment & Focus

Leaders turn to Conduo when they’re feeling frustrated and stuck. The Agile teams you lead are busy with activities but not achieving results. Once we take a closer look, we often find teams lack clarity on the problem to solve and end up chasing the wrong solutions. We know you’re working hard! But hard work alone won’t get you where you need to go—you need the clarity, alignment, and focus that come from implementing Outcome-Driven Planning.

Wondering what it is like to work with us? First and foremost, we listen to understand. Our collaborative approach is thought-provoking and focused on uncovering the root issues holding you back. We’ll teach you to use proven frameworks and methodologies to identify, analyze, and solve problems, then we’ll get to work aligning your teams to prioritize, plan, and achieve measurable outcomes.

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Ryan Fullmer

Coach, Co-Founder

Ryan is an expert in strategic planning and organizational change. He focuses on developing solutions to help organizations achieve their strategic goals. Ryan is a firm believer in building cultures that support and nurture empowerment at every level so that organizations become more attuned to their customers’ needs, and more resilient in navigating unexpected challenges.

Ryan enjoys hiking and camping, learning new things, traveling, and spending time with his children and grandson.

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Julie Springer

Coach, Co-Founder

Julie’s 15 years of experience in leadership and coaching roles provides a valuable perspective to leaders grappling with change management. She works with leaders to continuously improve and innovate, instill a Lean/Agile mindset, and develop leadership skills.

Julie spends her personal time playing the piano, creating sketchnotes and having fun with her husband, four teenagers and cocker spaniel, Champ.

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Why We Started Conduo

We love tackling problems that seem un-solvable!

We began our journey as leaders and Agile project managers, navigating change-resistant cultures, juggling seemingly impossible timelines, and learning how to create big wins through creative problem-solving. These experiences led us to create a vision for how we could use all we’ve learned to help others facing similar challenges.

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The Conduo Origin Story

In 2007, Ryan was leading an ambitious project at a State Health and Human Services Agency, and Julie joined as a product owner. We cut our teeth on this project, introducing Agile project management to the Agency and leading efforts to align automation with the operational redesign.

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Start experimenting with a new approach and see results quickly!

Download our helpful guide, “How to Use Discovery to Focus Your Agile Teams on Solving the Right Problems” to learn simple steps to apply Lean, Agile and Design Thinking to get your Agile teams on track for achieving measurable outcomes.