Solve Your Dependency Headaches

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Solve your dependency challenges

Align to Manage Dependencies

A common blocker to a team's progress is delays caused by unmet needs from other teams. Managing these cross-team dependencies is challenging. They are often not well coordinated due to conflicting priorities and goals. You can bring the teams into alignment by:

  • Defining Outcomes
  • Establishing done criteria & success measures
  • Engaging teams in planning

Defining outcomes

Define outcomes to make it clear what's important and why. Establish a small set of measurable goals for the year and upcoming quarter. Collaborate with the teams to create them. Clear outcomes help the teams align and focus their efforts on the most valuable work.

Establishing done criteria and success measures

Create explicit done criteria and success measures for significant pieces of work. This is critical for work that requires the efforts of several teams. Provide opportunities for team members to ask questions and define the work.

Engaging teams in planning

Provide time and space for teams to work together to create plans for the quarter. Make sure teams identify their dependencies and address them through conversations.

It Takes Time

When leaders provide clarity to value and priority, teams are able to align. When teams understand what’s at stake, they are more motivated and engaged. It will take time for teams to get really good at managing dependencies. You will need to help your teams by re-aligning each quarter and addressing issues with dependencies as they occur.

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