Facing a Big Challenge - Shift to Discovery to Create High-Value Solutions

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Facing a Big Challenge - Shift to Discovery

By Ryan Fullmer

April 26, 2022

I was working with an executive recently that was facing a big challenge and was not sure what to do. The stress-level was high, the other leaders were feeling defeated. They had just experienced a couple of setbacks and needed to make a pivot, but the way forward was not clear.

Don’t Jump to Solution

It’s tempting to start thinking of solutions right away. It’s at these uncomfortable moments that the phrase “Don’t Bring Me Problems—Bring Me Solutions!” comes to mind. It’s understandable, but not that helpful when the problem is complex and people are feeling stressed. Luckily, the executive was willing to pause and consider a better way.

Shift to Discovery

What we did was to shift focus from the solution to the problem. To make the shift, we used a process called discovery. Discovery provides everyone with the clarity needed to implement an effective solution to the problem. It starts with a collaborative and open discussion exploring what is going on, what you want to achieve and what is standing in the way.

From the discovery conversation, the executive was able to identify clear outcomes and gain valuable insights into what was preventing them from achieving those outcomes. After the meeting, the executive set up time to engage the leadership team to build on the discovery information and start identifying solution options.

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Make it a Practice

Leaders and teams face challenges, big and small, on a daily basis. Transform the way you approach them by incorporating discovery. Build a discovery practice by providing simple, repeatable processes and tools.

Make the process stick by mentoring the behaviors you want to see and sharing the results of your discovery meetings with others. Encourage others to share what they learned through discovery. Start every new initiative or project with the discovery process.

Making discovery a regular practice will help everyone in your organization create high-value solutions to your most challenging problems.

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