Your teams may be going in different directions

2 Things You Must Do to Keep Your Teams On Track

Why are we even doing this?

To feel motivated, people need to understand why their work matters and how they are contributing to a greater purpose. Very few leaders spend sufficient time communicating the vision and purpose for the work their teams are doing. This is one of the primary responsibilities you have as a leader and can make a big difference in the way people show up for work.

Here are two ways you can align your teams:

1. Provide Purpose and Meaning

  • Consider this question: “How does the work my team is doing support our agency’s mission?”
  • If you cannot provide a clear and compelling one-sentence response, then you need to spend time developing one.
  • A clear and compelling response is both inspirational and practical, such as, “We make sure that children don’t go hungry” or, “We ensure that our programs have funding today and for the future.”
  • Continually tie the team’s work back to this purpose.

2. Define Outcomes

  • Clearly define and communicate how you will measure success for the work in your area.
  • Think about the people that you serve and why it is important to them.
  • Share and discuss this with your staff and create a plan for how you will measure the impact of your work.

When your teams understand the mission and have measurable outcomes to work toward, they are more motivated and aligned. You will begin to see that the work the teams are doing is more valuable and focused on the goals you want to achieve.

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